A new to me RigExpert revealed that the end fed dipole I have been using was woefully out of tune. A perfect storm of enthusiasm, inability to RTFM, and a lack of proper test equipment led to it being installed with a very high SWR on 10 and 20 meters, and well, we won't talk about 40 meters. At my first opportunity, I downloaded a copy of the instructions and read up on how to properly tune the antenna. I also read that it should not be used with a tuner. Suddenly, the lack of any real DX or 'easy' contacts for the past few years started to make sense. I got up on the roof, and started to trim the antenna. I was able to get a 1:1 match on 20 meters and just about as good on 10 meters. That was as much time as I had, so 40 meters will have to wait. I hope to sort it out before Winter.

RigExpert Graph via PC

There is much to be said for a low SWR.

I was able to work a little bit in this weekend's CQWW contest, and was being heard all over Europe and South America with my measly 20 watt signal. Pretty good!

RigExpert with low SWR