Saturday Mornings

I've been given approval from on high to take a portion of every Saturday morning and devote it to "Mike" things, which will likely involve a return to the airwaves. There is some concern of burnout or mental instability (or failure) if I keep my current pace of work and child rearing. Most extra-curricular activities lately have involved things that can be done with an infant within arms reach, which rules out high voltage and caustic chemicals.

I have a lot of reading material to catch up on, from wire antennas, to emergency power. A couple issues of SPRAT and several QST's have come and gone in the past 7 months. My 'appliance rigs' have sat under bubble wrap, and my workbench is a graveyard of parts, tools, and unfinished ideas. Unfortunately this probably means Saturday #1 will be devoted to cleanup.

I also received two rather nice DIY/home repair guides for Christmas, which might help me improve the electrical situation in the shack. A single lead cord to a power strip is not exactly ideal -- but that's what I have to work with right now.