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A new to me RigExpert revealed that the end fed dipole I have been using was woefully out of tune. A perfect storm of enthusiasm, inability to RTFM, and a lack of proper test equipment led to it being installed with a very high SWR on 10 and 20 meters …


Finally got the old shack back on the air today. CW was picked up by the Reverse Beacon Network in 4-land. It Works!

N2TY Echolink

Here is the Troy Amateur Radio Association's new Echolink node; a Raspberry Pi Model B+ running thelinkbox. Full disclaimer: I am not an 'Echolink guy', and I empathize with those that do not consider Echolink to be 'real radio'. However, I also appreciate those whose situations preclude them from getting …


A recent garage sale has cleared up the space surrounding my radios and workbench. Most hams would feel a certain amount of shame in letting their shack fall into such a shameful state; for me it was a necessity. The 'finished half' of our basement had become a storage area …

What do you miss most?

Col. Douglas Wheelock, talking to amateur radio operators while onboard the ISS, describes what he misses most about the Earth ... just as the listening ground station (K2MTS) approaches LOS. September 17, 2010.


It's no secret that I'm a big fan of general aviation. I missed out on a chance to get my pilot's license before home ownership and becoming a parent(!) took center stage.

I wager that I'll be able to return to this endeavor at some point, but at present the …


QRT! K2MTS has been off the air for the better part of 3 months now. We've had a recent addition to our family which is taking up most of my time. Rightly so!

I've been able to glance through QST and SPRAT, but my Extra manual has sat neglected on …