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Not Dead Yet

I'm still respirating!

I just don't have time for anything but parenting and keeping the walls of our house from caving in.


In order to bring things online quickly after migrating to DigitalOcean, I just installed Apache. I'm very familiar with it and have used it with success over the years. However, as this is a poor man's droplet ($5/mo, yo) resources are limited. With that in mind, I used my …

WebM Test

I thought I would test encoding a movie I took on my iPhone as a VP8/WebM file.

Needs some work!

Take 2: Much improved! This version is ~12MB larger (25MB), but doesn't look like it was filmed with a potato. I need to figure out how to scale the …

I'm Back!

I've returned from a long dormant period. This is a little placeholder article just to ensure my fans from around the world that I am indeed still respirating. I've also enabled SSL, so that nobody needs to know the content of the websites you're visiting in the middle of the …